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Custom Built Fishing Rods are unique. If you have arrived at my site, then you have been searching for a better fishing rod. Custom built fishing rods give you the ability to handcraft a rod that fits a specific application. Whether it is a fishing rod for bass, crappie or salmon fishing...casting, spinning, trolling or fly fishing, I can custom build a fishing rod to fulfill your needs.

As a custom rod builder, I take great pride in my craft. I have seen many changes in the way fishing rods are constructed and in the quality of materials. Blanks are lighter, smaller in diameter, stronger and more sensitive than ever before, thanks to improvements in graphite. Even fiberglass blanks have been refined to where they are much less cumbersome to use all day. Methods of building rods have changed due to the efforts of many individuals. What has made custom rod building into the craft that it is now, is the willingness of rod builders to share their knowledge in different formats. I have learned from these great leaders in the craft and feel that the rods I build now, are vastly improved from the rods I built in the past.

There are numerous methods of rod construction and even though I may have my preferences, as a "Custom Rod Builder", I remain open minded and will build your rod, the way YOU want it. My rods are completely handcrafted, even the handles are shaped and sanded by hand. I use only the finest quality rod blanks, components and finishes. It is my desire to build a fishing rod that fits your specific application. I encourage you to visit with me and discuss what you want your next fishing rod to do for you. I guarantee your satisfaction or your money will be refunded within 30 days of delivery.

Please contact me from the Contact Page and I will get back to you as quickly as possible so we can discuss your new Custom Fishing Rod.

Steve "Beach" Biechman